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—I'm Never Gonna Sleep Tonight

I’m gonna sleep.

Was it impossible to float for a while?

Ruin them. Wreck their lives. Then build them cubicles to end their days in. Hushaby. Lullaby. Die, dog. Little dog, die.

James Joyce, Ulysses (via)

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This Mess We’re In by Joe Armstrong

// That was relaxing.

"Our Shared Joy of Programming" by Carin Meier and Sam Aaron

You probably want to see this.

Sam Aaron of Overtone & Meta-eX presents the Sonic Pi software he developed for Raspberry Pi for live coding music and teaching code & music to kids; and demo it. The last part also features a dancing Roomba and a dancing drone. (I haven’t yet watched the first part. Will do now.)


The Sand Storm

A short film set in a dystopian future, it is beautiful.

I guess that’s the kickstarted short film with cinematography by Christopher Doyle… hmm.

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My library is an archive of longings.

Susan SontagAs Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 (via feellng)

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